Laboratorium Micro Teaching

Micro Teaching is intended to provide opportunities for prospective teacher-students, professional teacher education participants, and lecturers participating in basic instructional training to practice some basic teaching skills in a constructive, supportive, friendly atmosphere and to support mental readiness, integrated skills, and abilities for teaching supplies.

The procedures for using the Micro Teaching Laboratory is:
– The Head of the Study Program submits a letter of application for the use of the Micro Teaching Laboratory to the PPGJK Division of the UPI Directorate of Education.
– PPGJK Division issues a license to use the Micro Teaching Laboratory
– The Professional Education Section makes a schedule for the use of the Micro Teaching Laboratory.

Available facilities:
– 2 Micro Teaching laboratory units,
– Rooms equipped with AC,
– LCD/Infocus with screen,
– Simulation activity recording device.
Code of Conduct for the Use of Micro Teaching Laboratories:
– Use the room on a timely manner,
– Use the room appropriate to its function,
– Do not bring food and drinks into the room,
– The number of students do not exceed the room capacity,
– Service time is only available during working days, outside of working days must be approved by the head beforehand,
– Maintain order and cleanliness of the room,
– Fill in the activity agenda book provided,
– It is not allowed to move the equipment in the room to another without the permission of the room attendant.

To see examples of the learning process in micro teaching, please see the page https://dit-